Loyalty Rewards

Our Loyalty Rewards Club

We appreciate our customers very much. Our Loyalty Rewards Club is designed to give back for coming back!

Please know that we respect your privacy and will never share your personal data in any way. We use your info only for keeping track of your stamps earned and rewards available.

Earning stamps:
Spend $15 in new or used vinyl records at a visit to earn 1 stamp. Spend $30 in new or used vinyl records at a visit to earn 2 stamps, etc. Stamps are earned in $15 increments.

Get a reward once you have earned 10 stamps.

Your reward:
A one-time shopping spree where you will receive 15% off any used vinyl records and 10% off any new vinyl records. There is no limit as to how many records you may buy, but they must all be paid for on the same transaction. No stamps are earned on the total of this transaction.

After you have submitted your info, you’ll see a page with your stamp card. Bookmark this page to make it easy to return to check on your stamp earning progress.

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